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About us

Founded in 2018, Fresh Mayhem’s origin begins out of a need to find soap that did not have harsh effects on founder Katherine Mould’s skin.

Katherine first researched soap making in 2013 after experiencing issues with store-bought soap brands on her sensitive skin and found that some of the ingredients in industrially made soap were causing irritation and adverse effects, this led her down a rabbit whole of research including studying aesthetics, specializing in body treatment and making her first soap during her studies and experiencing the  fantastic results that homemade soap had on her skin. Katheine has been making soap for her personal use ever since as well as the occasional gifts to friends and family upon request.

Since then Katherine has spent a great deal of time perfecting her recipe and making changes to the look and feel of her soaps that has lead to the fantastic quality that you see today.

These gifts lead to requests every year not just as gifts for family members but also for gifts that they could send, soaps for events such as baby shower gifts and more with many making requests that Katherine open a store so that they can recommend her soaps to their friends, this is when Fresh Mayhem was born in 2018.

Working with her husband Ross, a Marketing expert with years of experience in building brands, websites and businesses they initially built an order-only side business to allow for friends and family to recommend products to their friends and cohorts which has led to continued growth.

During the COVID-19 outbreak during lockdown, Ross used his additional time on building Fresh Mayhem, starting off with the website to ensure a smooth and easy website experience for all to ensure customer satisfaction everytime and after months of work the website was launched in November 2020, in the coming months Ross has worked hard to work with local influencers and businesses to spread awareness of the Fresh Mayhem brand and show the amazing handmade products to more people.

All Fresh Mayhem products are still hand crafted by Katherine with the occasional help from her husband to cut the soaps and assist with packaging to ensure the same great quality every time and supply a product that we are sure you will enjoy just as much as Katherine enjoys making them.

For more information on the foundation of Fresh Mayhem or other questions send a message through Facebook, Instagram or our Contact Us page

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