COVID Safety Plan

This plan is regularly reviewed and amended based upon changes in guidelines by venues, the province of Ontario and federal rules in Canada to ensure the safety of all of our customers. The last date of amendment was Tuesday, September 28th 2021. 

Who does this safety plan effect?

This safety plan effects all customers of Fresh Mayhem soap directly either online through our website or via an event we are present at such as Caledonia Fair. This does not include retailers such as The Nooks, The Barntique and Flow Lifestyle Boutique as each establishment is responsible for the Safety plan in their retail establishment and as such their plan must be followed.

Vaccination Status & Vaccine Passports

All Fresh Mayhem employees are fully vaccinated to ensure the safety of both staff and customers at events where we are present.

At this time there is no requirement to ask for Vaccine Passports in the retail sector in Ontario, however our team are available to provide evidence of vaccination by either paperwork or vaccine passport wherever relevant.

Active Screening

Employees are asked a series of questions daily about COVID-19 symptoms, travel or exposure to COVID-19 cases. If someone has one or more COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to a COVID-19 case in the past 14 days, they are not be permitted to work

In order to keep our staff and customers safe, all events Fresh Mayhem participates in currently are at outdoor venues where it is the responsibility of the venue to screen customers where relevant. In the event a customer or venue staff alert us that they or someone else is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, has travelled or had exposure with a COVID-19 case in the previous 14 days service will be refused and venue staff called in wherever appropriate.

Infection Prevention and control (IPAC) measures

Staff are required to wear masks at all times both at indoor and outdoor events wherever possible with the exception of eating and drinking which will be done in a manner to ensure safety of both staff and customers, we also encourage our customers to be masked at both indoor and outdoor events.

Staff will also be required to perform hand hygiene including but not limited to sanitization regularly with hand sanitization products made available to customers are both entrance and exits of tents or event areas and encourage to sanitize upon entry.

Social Distancing measures are in effect at all venue events and we ask our customers who are not part of a family to maintain a 6ft distance from other customers and staff with a maximum capacity of 8 customers at any one time in our tented areas.

Both staff and customers are asked to perform respiratory etiquette at all times by either coughing or sneezing into tissues or your elbow / sleeve whenever necessary.

Orders placed online for local delivery or pickup options will be done contactless wherever possible. In the event that this is not possible, staff will be required to wear masks and perform necessary hand hygiene such as washing and sanitization both before and after delivery or pickup.

Cleaning and Disinfection

To ensure the safety of our customers we provide scent samples at events for customers to smell a product before purchase, these samples will be sanitized between each customer contact by staff and we ask that our customers do not touch retail products until your are ready to purchase them.

Frequently touched surfaces will also be cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals to ensure safety of our staff and customers using appropriate disinfectants.